Top 20 home bar essentials

Top 20 home bar essentials

Having a home bar is one of the heights of luxury. It means that you can entertain guests in the highest of fashions and you never have to leave your house. Can’t go wrong with that. But what do you need for a home bar? Read on for the top 20 home bar essentials.

1. A bar

It seems rather silly to list this one, but it’s true. You can’t have a home bar without an actual home bar. For the ideal bar, you would have plumbing running into it so that you could have a wet and dry bar. Having a sink in your bar means that you’ve expanded your options for entertaining (and cleaning).

2. Glasses

You need glasses for your bar, but you also need the appropriate glasses for the drinks that you’re serving. That means that you need white and red wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne glasses, pints, and highball glasses. You’ll probably need six or eight of each depending on how your parties go.

3. Openers

For your bar, you’ll also need a corkscrew so that you can open all of those wonderful bottles of wine and a bottle opener for all of those bottles of beer.

4. Wine

It’s always good to have wine on hand for your home bar because so many people drink it. Make sure that you keep both red and white wine stocked.

5. Beer

Pick a brand or two of beer that you like drinking – mix and match and get a light and dark one – and keep it stocked. There will always be beer drinkers.

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