Top 20 epic photobombs

Top 20 epic photobombs

There are two different classifications for photobombing. The first classification is when you photobomb someone’s picture and you don’t even realize that you’ve done it. The second classification is when you purposefully photobomb someone’s photo. Both of these classifications have the ability to be epic, as you can see from these top 20 epic photobombs.

1. Shark attack

Almost no one on the planet can say that they’ve been photobombed by a shark, but this girl can. This girl was simply walking along the beach and thought, “Yes, here is a perfect spot for a calm and serene photo of me at the beach.” Little did she know that jumping Jaws was behind her.

2. Besties

These two besties were getting their photo taken as best friends do when they were photobombed by someone. It almost looks like the guy (or is it a girl?) is levitating.


3. Stingray

Not many people know that a stingray has a face, mostly because that face is in the water, usually all of the time – except for this time. This stingray looks like he’s encircling his girls and telling them to smile for the camera while they look on in complete fear.

4. Jimmy Fallon

This mother-daughter duo thought that they were just taking a picture of themselves on the top of the Empire State building; little did they know they were being photobombed by Jimmy Fallon.

5. Pooping puppy

These three friends thought that they were taking a fun photo. They were, but the puppy choosing that moment to poop really sells it.

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