The top 20 boyfriends on the internet will make you jealous

The top 20 boyfriends on the internet will make you jealous

6. Heartfelt Christmas

One woman and her mom had a Christmas tradition where her mom would put silly putty in her Christmas stocking each year. Then her mother died. The woman knew that the first Christmas would be hard without her mom, but her boyfriend made it so special when he remembered the silly putty and surprised her with it in her stocking.

7. Washing Girlfriends Feet

As this girlfriend tells it her boyfriend would go out of his way to wash her feet for her after a long day on the job. Some may think its disgusting but he took pride in cleaning them from top to bottom. Love has no boundaries and this boyfriend proves that #yasssssssss

8. Spider killer

Stress changes people. It can make us more irritable and mean. It can also leave us feeling completely overwhelmed and emotional. One girlfriend, in the middle of her finals, called her boyfriend in a panic because there was a spider in her bathroom. He came over in the middle of the night, no questions asked, and killed it for her.

9. Handwritten notes

One boyfriend gave his girlfriend a gift that lasted for a year. He filled a jar with different pieces of paper. On each piece of paper was written a reason why he loved her.

10. House reorganization

A woman was living with her boyfriend and still going to school. She didn’t have a place to study so she studied in different places around the house. One night she came home to find that her boyfriend had created a space for her in a room that was used as storage. It was all set up for her to use as a study room.

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