The top 20 boyfriends on the internet will make you jealous

The top 20 boyfriends on the internet will make you jealous

Everyone in a relationship likes to think that they have the best boyfriend in the world. While your boyfriend is probably wonderful, these boyfriends are taking relationships to a whole new level with their acts of love and kindness that they’re showering their significant others with.

1. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is really a day for girlfriends – we all understand this. This boyfriend knew that and instead of being grumpy about it embraced it with a seriously thoughtful and time-consuming gift. He made his girlfriend a red and white origami rose bouquet. He then sprayed all of the roses with perfume so that they smelled wonderful.

2. Coffee addict

It’s the little things that couples do for each other that really show how much they care. Having someone go out of his way to make your day a little better is wonderful. This boyfriend knows that his girlfriend is always late, and so since he leaves before her in the morning, he pours her a travel mug of coffee and leaves it right by the door for her to take with her.

3. Periods and a cold

Every month a woman gets her period. This is the time of the month that’s not only awful for her, but it separates out the good boyfriends from the bad ones. This boyfriend knew his girlfriend had not only gotten her period but that she had a cold as well. He came prepared.

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