Top 14 tips for having an awesome wedding on a budget

Top 14 tips for having an awesome wedding on a budget

9. It’s a bling thing

Are you aware of the price of gold these days? If you aren’t now, consider it. Maybe you have some old jewelry laying around that you wouldn’t mind parting ways with. Bring it to your local jeweler and use the cash you get for that to offset the cost of your wedding bands.

10. Less is more

If you were planning to have a large wedding party, you might want to reconsider. The financial burden of a wedding is always put onto the groom’s men and bride’s maids. It often costs a lot of money to purchase/rent the suit/dress along with hair and make-up.

11. D I Why not?

You can save a ton of money by doing making your own invitations, decorations, etc.  Not only is it easier on the wallet, it also will give your wedding that personal touch it needs.

12. Food is love

Break tradition. Instead of booking a super fancy and expensive catering service, opt for a trendy food truck! They have some amazing gourmet options that your guests (and their bellies) will thank you for.

13. Let them eat cupcakes

Wedding cake? Pfffft! Get some yummy cupcakes from the grocery store and place them on a fancy tray. BOOM! I just saved you $500.

14. The dress

Sorry lady, I must go there. Wedding dresses often take up such a huge part of the budget. Consider getting a dress off the rack, used or even rented.

Compromise is key

You can certainly still obtain that dream wedding you always hoped for but you may need to compromise on some of your expectations.

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