Top 14 tips for having an awesome wedding on a budget

Top 14 tips for having an awesome wedding on a budget

Does the word “budget” make you cringe? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Here are 14 tips to have an awesome wedding in your price range.

1. Who needs a DJ?

Why spend thousands of dollars on a DJ when all you really need are some quality speakers and a wicked playlist?

2. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine

The act of bartering is still very relevant these days. Maybe there’s a service you can offer in exchange for payment i.e. some business advertising on social media.

3. Love is everywhere

Remember, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a venue. Look around you and I’m sure you are surrounded by beautiful (possibly free) places to express your love for each other.

4. Meet your new best friend – the dollar store

Who says that all your decorations need to be super expensive and fancy? The dollar store has a variety of candles and flower pots that would make a great addition to wedding décor.

5. Honeymoon

Did you know that you can register for a trip and have your friends and family contribute to help pay for your honeymoon? You’re welcome.

6. Flower power

Don’t tell my florist I told you this but you can save a truckload of money by purchasing your flowers the morning of your wedding from your local florist, farmer’s market or even the grocery store.

7. Ring ring, ring ring

Call in a favor with a friend! Remember that time you helped your friend Jessa assemble her entire new bedroom set from Ikea? It’s time she pays you back for that, perhaps in the form of selling drink tickets for a few hours.

8. Say cheese!

A wedding photographer can easily cost you several thousand dollars. Nowadays, everyone is an amateur photographer. Why not ask a friend to take your pictures in lieu of a gift?

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