A sexy mermaid calendar with bearded men? Yes, please

A sexy mermaid calendar with bearded men? Yes, please

Mermaids have fascinated humans for hundreds of years. Originally they were part of old sea tales – creatures who would drown sailors. Then Disney got ahold of Ariel and mermaids became kid friendly. Next, Starbucks made one their logo, and over the past couple of years, women have started knitted themselves tail blankets or taking mermaid swimming lessons. Men have pretty much stayed out of the mermaid realm, until now.

Introducing the Merb’ys

We’re going to bet that you’ve never seen a sight like this. Say hello to the sexy mermen that are gracing a 2018 calendar for charity. The Merb’ys 2018 calendar was created in order to raise funds for Spirit Horse NL. The men featured in the calendar are all from the Newfoundland & Labrador Beard & Moustache Club (yes, that’s a real thing). Newfoundland & Labrador is a province in Canada on the East Coast.


Spirit Horse NL

All of the money the calendar makes will be donated to Spirit Horse NL. Spirit Horse NL is a program that helps people with mental health issues using horses. Dogs are much more common therapy animals than horses, but horses are also incredibly intelligent. Each person in the program learns life skills by learning how to take care of a horse and receives the companionship of a horse to help with the mental health issues. The program is very expensive because taking care of a horse is pricey. The Merb’ys hope that their calendar will help raise awareness and money for the program.


Why the name Merb’ys?

Newfoundland is an island that you can only access by boat or by plane. Since Newfoundland has always been a little isolated, Newfoundlanders have a very distinct accent that borders on Scottish/Irish sounding. With the Newfie accent mermaids ended up sounding like merb’ys, and that’s what the guys decided to name the calendar.


Pre-ordering available

You can now pre-order the Merb’ys 2018 calendar. People from Germany, France, United States, and Canada have already done so. You can pre-order your calendar here. The calendar is $25.00 Canadian and will ship starting on November 20th.

It’s always wonderful when people get together and do something slightly crazy and very silly to raise money for a good cause. The men of the Newfoundland & Labrador Beard & Moustache Club are doing a wonderful thing. Support them and their cause, and have sexy bearded men hanging on your wall. You can’t go wrong!

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