Mom dresses up adorable napping baby in epic costumes

Mom dresses up adorable napping baby in epic costumes

It’s safe to say most new mothers use naptime as an excuse to catch up on their own lost sleep or to watch whatever kind of television is on in the middle of the day.

One mother, however, has taken a new spin on naptime and the internet loves it!

Now a verified account with nearly 600,000 followers, photographer and mother Laura lzumikawa takes photos of her daughter, Joey Marie, while she sleeps.

But these pictures are not what you’d expect.

It’s a new level of cuteness.

Laura said she couldn’t help but stare at her newborn daughter as she slept because she was beyond adorable. The infatuation turned into a hilarious and adorable idea: dressing her daughter in costumes.

Because Joey is such a deep sleeper, Laura was able to add props and eventually costumes around her daughter so she could take photos to send to her friends and family.

Using things laying around her house or items she borrowed from friends, Laura has been able to make some amazing little outfits that the internet has fallen in love with.

Let’s see some of this cuteness.

Now an Instagram sensation, little Joey has sported a number of costumes, including Eleven from Stranger Things, which racked up over 10,000 likes in just a few days.

Some other adorable outfits include Dwight from The Office:

An adorable Incredibles superhero:

And even Daenerys Stormborn from Game of Thrones:

It’s safe to say if anyone wins costume of the year, it’s Joey, with her dozens of outfits for any and every occasion – even if the occasion is just naptime.

It’s a good laugh for future Joey.

Laura has said she hopes each photo brings joy to someone’s day but also mentioned she hopes it makes future-Joey have a laugh.

If all else fails, at least she’ll have enough pictures to make an amazing 2018 calendar for her friends and family to laugh at.

Go and follow!

Now with dozens of costumes and pictures posted online, Joey and Laura’s Instagram is a great daily dose of cuteness, so you should probably go and follow.

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