Human Catches Dog Jumping On Trampoline — What Happens Next Is Unbelievable

Human Catches Dog Jumping On Trampoline — What Happens Next Is Unbelievable


Most dogs are incredibly loyal pets that will do anything and everything in their power to make their humans happy. Unlike many cats, dogs wear their hearts on their sleeves (well, the ones that wear clothing do, at least) and never refrain from showing the puptmost appreciation and love for their owners.

Dog lovers know better than anyone how laden with personality and absolutely hilarious our furry friends can be at times. Whether it’s a major case of the zoomies or an intense game of fetch, you can rely on a plethora of laughter emanating from the scene anytime you spend recreational time with a canine friend.

But it’s not only when humans or even other dogs/animals are around that our doggos provide comic relief. Sometimes it’s what they do when they think no one is looking that garners the most laughs.

In recent years, tons of folks have set up surveillance cameras to monitor their pet’s behavior while they are home alone, and an abundance of funny moments have been captured as a result.

The following story is similarly precious.

Recently, Twitter user @PendleBuryErik shared an absolutely priceless video of what his dog was up to when she thought no one was looking.

Erik woke up one morning over Thanksgiving weekend and found his dog having the time of her life jumping on his family’s trampoline in the backyard.

As the dog gleefully hopped around, she seemingly used her sixth sense and somehow realized Erik was videotaping.

Out of literally nowhere, the beautiful husky instantly stopped what she was doing and sat down in the exact spot she was previously having a dancing party in and remained completely still, almost as if she got caught doing something on camera that she didn’t want anyone to see.


“Nothing to see here, just sitting on this trampoline but definitely not jumping on it. Is that what trampolines are for? Because I wouldn’t know they just seem like high seats to me as I sit here not jumping on this one,” the dog said, probably.

The internet has completely fallen in love with the video, which, in just three days, racked up over 300k likes and 141k retweets on Twitter alone. Not to mention it’s also spreading like wildfire on Facebook and Instagram.

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