Hinge’s new matchmaking app is kind of weird

Hinge’s new matchmaking app is kind of weird

The online dating world just got a little weirder and more interesting. Hinge is a dating app, one of many that are out there, but that’s not what’s making headlines. What’s making headlines is Hinge’s new app, which is called Hinge Matchmaker.

What is Hinge Matchmaker?

Hinge Matchmaker is a separate Hinge app. It essentially allows you to match up your friends for a date. You download the Matchmaker app and then see which of your friends are on Hinge. You can then match friends together, and they’ll get a message saying that you think the two of them would be good together. If one of your friends isn’t on Hinge that you think would connect with another one of your friends, you can invite your friend to join. Hinge Matchmaker turns anyone into a matchmaker, which is appealing to a lot of people.

Why would people use Hinge Matchmaker?

For some the allure of Hinge Matchmaker is twofold: you can feel like you’re part of the dating game again, and you can get into your friend’s business by helping him or her find love.

What are the downsides about this app?

The app is weird though because some friends, one would assume, don’t want your opinion or your help in finding someone to date. It can also cause some friction in friendships. What if your friend selects someone for you and you don’t like him or her and don’t even give him or her a chance? Or what if you start dating the friend of your friend and then you guys break up. Does that make it hard on your friend or put a strain on your relationship? There are so many potential pitfalls with this app that could just spell disaster for your friendship.

Is the app here to stay?

Currently, the app is in beta testing, and it’s only going to be available for a little while (at least that’s the current information). It’s available on iOS. We’ll have to see if it takes off or if too many people find it weird.

Hinge could be on to something with their new Matchmaker app. People like to be involved in their friends’ lives, and they like the game aspect of online dating. While it definitely is a little bit weird, it could be beneficial for people looking to find their special someone. If you do start using the app, however, maybe work out some ground rules with your friends first.

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