Distracted by cell phone, woman falls 6 feet into store basement

Distracted by cell phone, woman falls 6 feet into store basement

In another example of how distracting texting can be, a 67-year-old woman took a head-first plunge into a store basement.

Security footage shows the woman walking down a Plainfield, New Jersey street. As she suddenly gets distracted with her cell phone, she is totally unaware of the open doors leading to the six-foot drop to the basement of Acme Windows.

“She got distracted with the phone and she didn’t see the gates open,” Acme Windows owner Arturo Torres told Inside Edition. “She rolled down into the basement.”

Unlike many incidents involving people texting and driving, or texting and walking, in this case the woman’s cell phone isn’t entirely to blame.

Her son explained that his mother is legally blind and diabetic.

“When I first saw the video, my heart dropped,” he told CBS News. “It was painful to watch.”

Painful as it was to watch, it was more painful for the woman who fell head-first. She was admitted to hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries.

The unidentified woman’s son blames a lack of warning or indicators of the open door for the incident. Because of her visual impairment, she can’t see blended colors, but a pylon or warning tape could have prevented her fall.

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