Can your pets see ghosts?

Can your pets see ghosts?

Have you ever looked lovingly at your pet and noticed that its eyes are fixated on something that you can’t see? You might think your pet is looking at a bug on the wall at first, but you come to realize that there’s nothing there. What could it possibly be looking at? It’s spooky – is your pet looking at a ghost? Is that even plausible?

Are ghosts real?

The argument whether animals can see ghosts has left people divided for decades. Depending on your beliefs regarding the supernatural, animals seeing ghosts may be an altogether plausible theory. Many people believe they have “undeniable” proof that their pets truly can see what we cannot, attributing this behavior to a sixth-sense animals have that humans have yet to understand. You can find many videos on YouTube of people claiming to have caught the act on tape, as with little Zoey in this video.

These videos tend to show an animal that looks alert or alarmed, directing all its attention to a void space. This can be accompanied by noises such as barking or whining, something dogs only tend to do when they’re in the presence of another person.

The anti-ghosters

Most people will tell you that you’re crazy if you start a conversation with “my dog can see ghosts.” These non-believers are more in favor of a scientific explanation than a suspicious one. They believe that your pets’ senses are stronger than that of a human and dogs can smell and hear things that may cause them to have a certain reaction. This does not mean that they’re seeing a ghost, but reacting to a sound or smell that our nose or ears cannot detect. While this answer is a bit more scientific than the ghost theory, it’s definitely not as fun!

Another explanation

Is there another way this phenomenon could potentially be explained? Yes! One theory is that our pets are having hallucinations when we think they’re seeing ghosts. Whether they’ve eaten something, have a pre-existing mental condition, or are triggered by something in their environment, it’s possible that our pets may actually be hallucinating instead of seeing spirits.

Which side are you on?

If only animals could talk, then there would be so many fewer mysteries. Until the day that your canine companion can look you in the eye and tell you what it’s thinking, we may never know whether our dog is seeing ghosts or just hallucinating.

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