10 super weird uses for coconut oil

10 super weird uses for coconut oil

6. Remove gum from hair

If you have a kid this might be the best news that you’ve heard all day. Coat the gum and the attached hair with the oil, and gently start pulling the hair out of the gum.

7. Remove crayon from walls

When your child gets exuberant in his or her creativity, just put some coconut oil on a cloth and scrub the wall. It’ll be like nothing ever happened.

8. Goo Gone

Instead of buying a bottle of Goo Gone, simply take some coconut oil and baking soda to make your own. No sticky residue here!

9. Shine pots

If your stainless steel pots look a bit grimy, take a microfiber cloth and some coconut oil, and buff the pots. Your pots will shine in no time.

10. Clean leather

Coconut oil is great to use if you have leather that needs to be cleaned. Take a small amount on a cloth and rub it over the area. The dirt will be gone, and your leather will look brand new.

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