Military mom brought to tears by a stranger’s heartwarming surprise

Military mom brought to tears by a stranger’s heartwarming surprise

Like any military mom, Jodi St. Clair knows how emotional it is to be the parent of a child in the military. But one day in particular was more emotional than others.

Jodi has two sons in the military. Jacob, 22, is serving in Korea and Daniel, 20, is in North Carolina.

Jodi and her husband have bumper stickers on the back of their vans expressing how proud they are to be military parents.

One bumper sticker reads, “My sons defend our freedom,” and the other reads, “Proud parent of a soldier.”

Outsiders sometimes offer negative opinions on the stickers, but most are positive.

While leaving work one day, Jodi noticed something stuck on the windshield. At first, she assumed it was some kind of advertisement. Oddly enough, there was a $20 bill with the paper.

Confused but interested, Jodi took the paper and realized it wasn’t an advertisement. It was a handwritten note from a stranger who had something to say about the bumper stickers.

As she read the note, Jodi broke out into tears. Now, Jodi wants to find the stranger who left her an emotional surprise.

Watch the video above and find out about this stranger’s act of kindness and how it affected these military parents.

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