So cute: UPS drivers share stories of dogs they meet on their routes in Facebook group

So cute: UPS drivers share stories of dogs they meet on their routes in Facebook group

The cliché that dogs hate mail carriers has been proven a lie. There’s a Facebook group called UPS Dogs that was created by a UPS driver, and it will melt your heart.

UPS Dogs

Sean McCarren created the Facebook group UPS Dogs five years ago. McCarren has been a driver for UPS for over 17 years, and he wanted to create a space where UPS drivers could post pictures of the dogs that they meet on their routes. Since so many UPS drivers have a regular route they drive, they get to know many of the people and the dogs on their routes. Most of the dogs they meet are incredibly friendly and the drivers start to build a relationship with them.

Posting photos

McCarren said that he’s the main moderator on the UPS Dogs Facebook page, but that any driver can post a photo on the page. He also said that he receives many photos from other drivers that he posts onto the page when he has the time. The page is updated regularly with new photos so that everyone (drivers and the public) can get their daily dose of cuteness.

Playing with dogs

Drivers often use their work breaks to stop and play with the dogs on their routes. Doing this cements the love that these dogs have for them and that the community has for the drivers as well. Many of the drivers also keep treats on board their truck to give to the different dogs that come up to the truck while they’re working.

Sad times as well

Since the drivers build up relationships with the dogs it’s heartbreaking for them when they discover that one of the dogs on their routes is sick or has died. Tribute pictures also pop up on the UPS Dogs Facebook page in memory of these four-legged friends.

UPS the company

While the UPS Dogs Facebook page is separate from the company, UPS totally knows and supports the group. A spokesperson for UPS told Buzzfeed News, “It’s a good example of the relationships our employees build with their customers, two- or four-legged!”

To see all of the amazing pictures of dogs and UPS drivers hanging out make sure that you like their page. Each picture also has a great story to tell, and if you have a dog hopefully you’ll let your dog and UPS driver become friends. Who knows, they could end up on the page.