Baby gets hearing aids, hears mom for first time

Baby gets hearing aids, hears mom for first time

We don’t often think about how hard it is for deaf people to communicate with the world. It can be isolating (especially when you’re born deaf) to learn, grow and make friends when you struggle to communicate. One little infant was born with profound congenital hearing loss in both ears, and her parents went on a mission to help her hear in any way they could.

Baby Charlotte

Charlotte (Charly) Keane was born back in August. After she was born her parents started to realize that something was wrong with Charly. She didn’t respond to any kind of sound. Worried, they took her to the doctor where they learned that Charly had profound congenital hearing loss in both ears. Congenital hearing loss simply means hearing loss at birth. This hearing loss could be hereditary or it could be because of other factors while the infant was in-utero or in the process of being born.

Hearing aids

Charly’s parents Christy and Daniel were devastated after learning the news because life is challenging enough without the added difficulty of being deaf. They then learned that they could try hearing aids to help Charly hear, but that there was the possibility of them not doing anything for her. The day that Charly tried hearing aids for the first time, Christy and Daniel recorded it, and it’s this video that went viral. You can see Charly’s eyes light up when she hears her mom’s voice for the first time. She then looks like she’s about to cry because it’s a huge experience for her.

Development process

Being able to hear is incredibly important for a child’s developmental processes. Children first learn by listening. They listen to parents’ speech patterns, words, tone of voice, and how they communicate. Without being able to do that a child’s developmental process is a lot slower. Now that Charly can hear using her hearing aids, she can start listening to learn how to form sounds and words.

More to Charly’s journey

Charly’s hearing journey is far from being over. Her parents are looking into other medical treatments and hearing implants to give their daughter the best chance at hearing permanently.

We’re all so happy for Charly and her parents. Being able to hear is something that we all take for granted, but it truly is a gift. Hopefully, Charly’s road to learning and hearing is smoother from here on out.

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