5 unbelievable animal attack survival stories

5 unbelievable animal attack survival stories

Each year we hear stories about people being attacked by wild animals. These stories are usually over the top, and sometimes they end tragically. The following stories, however, are ones where the people unbelievably survived being attacked. Sometimes miracles do happen.

1. Great white shark attack

An Australian diver by the name of Eric Nerhus was diving near the town of Eden, New South Wales when he was swallowed head first by a great white shark. The great white shark, you’ll remember, is the shark that is in the blockbuster hit Jaws. The shark was over 10 feet long. The only reason that Eric survived was that when the shark bit down it actually bit down on his lead diving belt, which spared him the fatal blow of being bitten in half. While being half swallowed by the shark he was able to take one of his hands and feel around for the shark’s eye. When he found it, he pushed his finger into the eye socket of the shark. The shark let him go immediately. Eric was then hauled to safety by his son who was with him and taken by helicopter to a hospital. He suffered a broken nose and some lacerations, but he made a full recovery. This was one diver who was able to think quickly on his feet.

2. Grizzly bear attack

Grizzly bears are known for being one of the most vicious types of bears and it’s not because they’re mean, it’s because they’re incredibly territorial. Not many people survive being attacked by a grizzly bear, but one man, Brent Case, is one of the few who has. Brent Case was a land surveyor and was just doing his job one day when a grizzly bear came up behind him and bit him on the back of the head and on his right arm. Brent would later say that he was fairly positive he felt the bear eating his brain. This was not actually the case. The bear also missed the major artery in Brent’s arm, which is another reason he didn’t die within moments. Brent didn’t really fight back and eventually, the bear just left. That was only part of Brent’s problem; the other problem he then faced was that he was about 15 miles from the nearest gas station and help. He had to get into his car and drive himself to the gas station to get medical help. Once there he was completely delirious, but people there got him the help that he needed. He ended up losing a large portion of his skull, but he survived.

3. Mountain lion attack

Should you ever be attacked by a mountain lion, any guidebook or survival guide will tell you to make yourself look larger. The larger you look the more likely that the mountain lion will leave you alone. Frank Harmes, an experienced outdoorsman, knew this and that’s what he did when he came across a mountain lion one day when he was out with his dog. The mountain lion wasn’t intimidated, however, and attacked him. The only weapon that Harmes had was a small pocketknife. He was able to stab the mountain lion numerous times, and it was the quantity of the stabs that convinced it to leave him alone. While the attack was occurring, Frank’s dog was watching from the sidelines. He did nothing to help his master, but at least Frank knows that in a fight his dog will do nothing but spectate.

4. Hippopotamus attack

It isn’t often that you hear of someone being attacked by a hippopotamus, but they can be brutally vicious when they want to be. Diana Tilden-Davis was paddling in a canoe in a river in Botswana. She and her husband run a safari in the area where they were canoeing. While they were canoeing, a hippopotamus attacked Diana and almost bit off her leg. The injury was so severe that two years later she was still using crutches. It’s thought that the hippopotamus attacked because there was a drought and food was scarce. Diana was incredibly lucky to survive because two weeks earlier a newlywed couple was on their honeymoon when a hippopotamus also attacked them. The wife did not survive the encounter.

5. Polar bear attack

Polar bear attacks are becoming more common than in previous years because polar bears have to come further south to look for food. This is happening because of the rising temperatures of the earth thanks to global warming. Ice is melting and because of this polar bears are having a harder time finding food. This is the reason that Kootoo Shaw, an Inuit guide who used to work as a guide for hunting parties, was attacked.

While sleeping in his tent one night, Kootoo was attacked by a hungry polar bear. He had no chance of rescuing himself. The only reason that he survived was that another hunter in the group was able to shoot the bear. Kootoo no longer works as a guide because his injuries from the attack prevent him from doing so. He suffered from numerous deep gashes and he also needed almost 300 stitches to reattach his scalp. He’s incredibly lucky to be alive. Not many people who have been attacked by polar bears can say the same.

Wild animals usually only attack people when they feel threatened by a human presence or if they’re hungry. They’re not out to get anyone and they have no malicious intent. However, they obviously can and do harm people and in some cases, kill them. If you’re going to be wandering out in nature make sure that you’re aware of the local wildlife, that you know what to do when you see a wild animal, that you have a first aid kit and some training in first aid, and that you’ve told someone where you’re going. It’s always good to be smart when it comes to nature and wild animals.