This viral photo of a woman overdosing on heroin caused her to turn her life around

This viral photo of a woman overdosing on heroin caused her to turn her life around

Helping an addict turn his life around can be nearly impossible, especially if he’s not ready to help himself change for the better.

Fortunately for an Indiana woman, a viral photo of her most heartbreaking mistake is what she claims saved her life.

The picture that changed everything.

Last year, police in Hope, Indiana found Erika Hurt after she had overdosed on heroin in her car. With the needle still in her hand, Hurt was passed out in the front seat while her baby sat helplessly in the back.

Hurt’s photo went viral, making her a symbol of the opioid crisis and a painful image of addiction and how it destroys people’s lives.

A year ago she was angry with the Hope police for making the photo public, but now expresses nothing but gratitude. In fact, she believes the photo is what has changed her life.

From embarrassment to recovery.

Hurt recalls sitting in jail while the photo made its nightly circulation on news stations. Humiliated and shocked, Hurt says she “had no words.”

After sharing how embarrassed and miserable she was, Hurt goes on to express how thankful she is that someone was able to capture that moment of her life.

It was seeing that photo from jail that made her realize it was time to get sober for her and her son. She knew from that day forward she was going to work to raise him “the right way” and give him the best life possible.

One year of sobriety later…

One year later, Erika takes to Facebook to share the desperate photo that saved her life, along with photos from today that mark her one-year anniversary of sobriety.

Erika writes, “I’ve decided to repost the picture simply because it displays exactly what heroin addiction is.”

She also goes on to urge anyone else suffering from addiction to reach out for help, as tackling addiction with supporters is what makes the challenges easier.

It’s never too late to change.

Of course, Hurt was humiliated when the photo initially went viral, but this story goes to show that anyone has the ability to turn his or her life around – it sometimes just takes a serious wake up call.

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