Top 20 comfort foods we can’t live without this winter

Top 20 comfort foods we can’t live without this winter

Winter can be cold, dreary and grey. Once the holidays are over, it can feel like that even more so because there isn’t anything to look forward to other than spring. Take heart and comfort from these foods to help you get through the winter.

1. Chocolate chip cookies

Is there anything better on a cold winter’s day than freshly made chocolate chip cookies? They’re gooey, warm, and leave your home smelling fantastic. They also go great with a cold glass of milk – calcium for the win.

2. Hot Chocolate

What’s more comforting than a cup of hot chocolate after shoveling show? It’s rich, warm, sweet and creamy. Don’t forget to put the marshmallows in, or if you’re feeling decadent, top it off with some whipped cream instead.

3. Apple cider

If chocolate isn’t your thing, then what about some apple cider? Make sure that you warm it up in the microwave or on the stovetop. Then add in a cinnamon stick to give it a little bit of punch.

4. Soups

Making your own soups is a perfect winter activity. You can make huge batches of it and it doesn’t cost a lot to make. You can also freeze it which is just incredibly handy. While it simmers on the stove your house will smell amazing and put you in a great mood.

5. Stew

A slow cooker is your best friend over the winter. It’ll cook your food all day, and you’ll have some hot and ready for you when you get home. Stews are a perfect recipe for the slow cooker. You can find numerous recipes online. Stews are easy to make but are a hearty dinner over the winter months.

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