Pancake Printing Robot Is Dream Come True For Breakfast Enthusiasts And Artists Alike

Pancake Printing Robot Is Dream Come True For Breakfast Enthusiasts And Artists Alike


Everyone loves food — it’s incontrovertible. Some people love it more than others, but those who say they don’t enjoy eating are lying liars and we all know it.

Through the years, an abundance of websites/brands/social media pages have emerged that are dedicated to all things food from preparation to consumption. Whether it be a video that features a delicious recipe being executed before your eyes or a cake that’s been decorated brilliantly, it’s hard to look away when you see food content coming through your feed.

Naturally, food lovers and artists alike all over the world were stoked to see PancakeBot‘s Kickstarter campaign make it around the interwebs back in 2015.

PancakeBot describes its pancake printer as follows on its official website.

“The PancakeBot™ is the world’s first food printer capable of printing pancakes by automatically dispensing batter directly onto a griddle. Pancake designs can be loaded onto the PancakeBot™ via SD card. Users can make their own pancake designs with the included software or browse through our online community that is updated with fun, new designs every week!”

The design possibilities are seemingly endless. You can make everything from dinosaurs to faces of beloved historical figures like Albert Einstein.


And, as you would expect, people are coming up with absolutely hilarious design ideas for their pancakes.

Homer Simpson

Pancakebot arrived! #pancakebot #firstprint

A post shared by Peter Jakowetz (@peterjakowetz) on

It’s fair to assume Homer would LOVE to have one of these…

Send Nudes

There’s always that one person who has to turn something innocent into something dirty…

Poop Emoji

When you have to cook on Thanksgiving you let the robot make the kids breakfast. #pancakebot #makerbreakfast

A post shared by Mike Benner (@refriedchicken) on

Not sure I’d want to eat this, but can’t deny it came out good!

President Trump

The final product #pancakebot

A post shared by Keith McFarlane (@keithmcfarlane) on

This is the best pancake that’s ever been made. Many people on many sides are saying it. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it, believe me!

Eiffel Tower

3D print Eiffel Tower pancake with my friends. #pancakebot

A post shared by Joi Nan (@joi.nan) on

The Eiffel Tower looks amazing as a pancake, but I’m pretty sure the French would prefer it be a crepe instead…

Very Good Pancakes

Look what we made 🙂 #pancakebot #pancake #dalmatian #pancakeprinter

A post shared by hannahthehippp (@hannahthehippp) on

I know a few very good doggos who would love to see and then devour these!

Christmas Tree

Pancake Christmas tree, courtesy of #PancakeBot

A post shared by Keith McFarlane (@keithmcfarlane) on

Tis the season to be eatin’…

PancakeBot explains how the company came about on its website.

Miguel Valenzuela is a husband, father, inventor, and artist who daylights as a civil engineer. Currently living in Norway, he spends his time teaching kids about the maker movement, designing and building robots, and working with his daughters on new ideas.

PancakeBot™ started off as Miguel’s whimsical dream to make a “Pancake Machine” out of LEGO for his two young daughters. As he was reading Make magazine one day, his older daughter, Lily, asked him what he was reading.

One day, Miguel was reading a Make magazine article about a pancake stamping machine made out of LEGO. His 3-year-old daughter, Lily, was understandably fascinated by the idea and wanted her father to make a pancake invention of his own. Thus, PancakeBot™ was born.

Miguel worked on developing and improving various LEGO designs and printed his first successful pancakes after 6 months. The PancakeBot™ was first revealed to the public at the World Maker Faire in New York. The response and interest from the public was so great that Miguel decided to build a more advanced version.

Fast-forward to 2014, when Miguel displayed an acrylic version of the PancakeBot™ at both the San Mateo and White House Maker Faire. The public loved it! Inspired by their response, Miguel partnered with StoreBound, a company with the skills and know-how necessary to bring a refined version of the product to market. Together, they have succeeded in introducing the PancakeBot™ to kitchens around the world.

Reading PancakeBot’s story further proves how tough but ultimately rewarding things can be when entrepreneurs don’t give up on an excellent idea.

You can learn more about the PancakeBot, which isn’t as expensive as you would think, in the video below.

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