Hipster foods we can definitely live without

Hipster foods we can definitely live without

Food is glorious. There are so many different kinds of dishes to try and so many different cuisines to check out. It’s hard to be bored when it comes to food. There are, however, some foods that we can definitely live without, such as hipster foods. These are some of the ones that we won’t be ordering or making ever.

Avocado toast

There are few things more hipster than avocado toast. What we don’t understand is why? Why does anyone want to put avocado on toast? Separately these two foods are delicious, but together it’s just too much. We don’t get it, we don’t want it, and we can most definitely live without it.

Green juice

What is with hipsters and green juice? Don’t people drink normal kinds of juice anymore? Green juice looks like sludge and thus completely unappetizing. We recognize that it’s super healthy in that it has spinach in it, but why would you want to drink spinach? Why can’t we just eat it? This is food that we just don’t understand, and don’t want to ingest.

Salad in a mason jar

Eating or drinking anything out of a mason jar makes you a hipster to some degree. Putting salads in a mason jar is one of the most hipster food items that we can think of. Tupperware isn’t cool enough for hipsters so mason jars are the method of choice for transportation. We can’t live without salads, but we can definitely live without transporting food in jars used to can vegetables.

Over-the-top expensive popcorn

Popcorn should be cheap. You can buy boxes of it in the grocery store for less than $5, so, when popcorn topped with some weird topping appears on a menu as an appetizer at a hipster restaurant for $5, we throw our hands up in disgust and despair, because, really? This is popcorn we’re talking about. You can make it at home for yourself so cheaply; why would you pay $5 (at a minimum) for a bowl of it as an appetizer? Keep the expensive popcorn hipsters; we can definitely do without it.


When quinoa appeared on the scene most of the Western world was confused as to what it was exactly. While it’s apparently very good for you, it also tastes incredibly bland unless you spend some time making it taste edible. We can live without the hassle of preparing quinoa; thank you very much.

These hipster foods might be all the rage in some circles, but the rest of us can definitely live without them.

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