17 Pinterest cooking fails you need to see

17 Pinterest cooking fails you need to see

Mistakes happen to everyone. It’s how we learn when we do something new. Sometimes, though, mistakes are worthy of a good laugh, such as these Pinterest cooking fails that you need to see.

1. Chocolate covered kiwi popsicle

One of the most decadent sweets is chocolate covered fruit. Making chocolate covered fruit popsicles, however, is a whole new level and can be an art form. They’re also a little challenging to make as this person figured out.

2. Mountain dew penguin cupcakes

Making cupcakes is one thing. Making cupcakes that have a 3D figure on the top that you’ve made is something else entirely. This is one kind of cupcake that is going to take more than one try to master.

3. Watermelon cake

This watermelon cake looks delicious – well, at least the top one does. We’re not 100% sure what happened with the one on the bottom, but we would suggest a cake decorating class.

4. S’more cookie

When you don’t have a fire pit handy, these s’more cookies are just the thing to handle your camping craving. They should bake so that the only thing you see is cookie on the outside. The key word of that sentence is “should.”

5. Skittle cake

Baking a cake so that there’s non-melted candy in the middle of it is a feat of daring and ingenuity, but only if you can actually pull it off. Otherwise, it just ends up looking like a blob of sugar.

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