10 gross food facts you probably shouldn’t read while eating

10 gross food facts you probably shouldn’t read while eating

Think again before you pick up that sandwich. We’ve put together 10 gross food facts that’ll have you think twice before you eat.

1. An order of bugs

The FDA green lights a certain percentage of bugs in food – it’s impossible to remove everything. Thirty-five fruit fly eggs per 8 oz. raisin package will do the trick.

2. A side of rodent hair

The FDA is also okay with a certain amount of rodent hairs in cinnamon and ground pepper. Four hairs per 100 grams are fine, although it’s no doubt more than you care to ingest in a lifetime.

3. Squeaky clean food

Ammonia is a common household cleaning product. It’s also used to kill germs in low-grade fatty beef trimmings, where trim is prone to harbor dangerous bacteria.

4. A different shellac manicure

Candy lovers beware. Shiny hard candies, such as jelly beans, contain “confectioner’s glaze,” which comes from an insect native to Thailand.

5. Bad amino acids

L-cysteine is an amino acid from human hair or duck feathers. It’s also used to soften mass-produced breads, such as bagels and toast. Your McDonald’s Baked Hot Apple Pie uses duck feathers, in particular.

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