Top 20 predictable Halloween costumes for 2017

Top 20 predictable Halloween costumes for 2017

Try not to pick one of these 20 Halloween costumes this year. They’re just so predictable.

1. Wonder Woman

Everyone’s favorite superhero will be the number one costume that you see this Halloween.

2. Kids from Stranger Things

The kids from Stranger Things have made their way into our hearts. They’re captivating.

3. Jon Snow

He’s got an interesting backstory, and he’s gorgeous. Men will definitely want to be him this Halloween.

4. Daenerys Targaryen

A badass Queen in her own right, she already has women excited to pretend to be her. Add in Jon Snow, and you have a perfect couple’s costume.

5. Ayra Stark

If you dress as her just remember you’ll have a hard time stealing her face.

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