Top 20 fashion predictions for 2018

Top 20 fashion predictions for 2018

Don’t be drab going into the new year; stay ahead of the trends to slay every day’s new look.

1. Say yes to metallic silver

Expect it on everything, not just your jewelry.

2. Dare to be denim

Denim is coming back with a vengeance – bigger and badder than ever. Don’t fear the double denim; embrace it!

3. Turquoise takeover

Don’t shy away from this bright color; stand out while fitting in.

4. Athleisure on the rise

It’s not just a fad; it’s here to say. Expect to see a full fusion of active and streetwear to bring a new wave of apparel.

5. It’s all about the feel

Consumers are starting to lean more towards how garments feel compared to how they look. Expect softer, more textured clothing.

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