Pros and cons of wearing Spanx

Pros and cons of wearing Spanx

Women have been wearing shapewear for centuries, from girdles and corsets to Spanx. Suffice it to say, the undergarments have improved quite drastically throughout the years where women can now breathe more easily while wearing them.

The assumption was once that Spanx was solely for curvier women; however, everyone wears them; your size is irrelevant. Wearing shapewear is not something to be embarrassed about; I mean, Queen Bey was photographed wearing Spanx! No further comment needed.

Different women have different opinions about wearing Spanx. Some pros and cons are:

Pro: they give your body a smoother appearance

We all have insecurities about certain parts of our body. Spanx helps to smooth out any lumps or bumps we may be self-conscious about. You instantly feel tighter once you put on a pair.

Con: they’re not the most comfortable

Although there are a variety of styles, all shapewear still need to be quite tight for them to do the job. As a result, you may find yourself counting down the minutes until you can get home and yank it off.

Pro: women may feel more confident.

This is especially the case when wearing Spanx under a bodycon dress or other tight-fitting clothing.

Con: good luck keeping them up

The roll-down is real.

This is probably the most annoying factor is when the top of the Spanx starts rolling down under your clothes. RIP ribs.

Pro: you walk around feeling like a Kardashian

Spanx work to highlight and enhance certain body parts, with garments that aid in giving your waistline a slimmer appearance or giving your butt a boost.

Con: going to the toilet is a mission and a half

It’s annoying having to pull one pair of pants down, but when you also have your Spanx that need to be removed, forget it. I’m holding it in.

Pro: they improve your posture

Because Spanx are tight, you will automatically have better posture. Go ahead, walk around like a true ballerina.

Con: you can only take small bites

RIP other organs. Spanx adds pressure around your middle section, so eating becomes a challenge. I guess the pro here would be that you look like a dainty bird.

You do you

Sarah Blakely, the owner of the Spanx brand, uses her platform to be a voice of female empowerment. Wear that Spanx with pride, if you so choose. Wear Spanx or don’t wear Spanx. Be confident.

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