The new ugly Christmas sweater: ugly Christmas rompers for men

The new ugly Christmas sweater: ugly Christmas rompers for men

It’s quickly approaching the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the best season for hot chocolate, cozy socks, and…ugly Christmas rompers for men? Apparently so!

The male romper

Men’s rompers, started by the company RompHims, made a splash in early 2017 on Kickstarter as one of the year’s weirdest trends. The novelty quickly became an overnight viral sensation and suddenly male rompers became a thing.

You can even get them with Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un’s faces on them. Why? Because 2017. That’s why.


The reactions: the good

As with most things, there are people on both sides of the male romper debate. The fashion world took a shine to jumpsuits, which were featured in both the Valentino and Louis Vuitton spring and summer collections. What the male romper shows is a millennial progression towards unisex clothing and gender constructs created by the fashion industry.

Since rompers generally have feminine associations, people are applauding male rompers as the modern assertion of masculinity. And let’s not forget, even James Bond wore a male romper!

The reactions: the bad

I’m a firm believer that no one should be wearing rompers, neither men nor women. Leaving gender constructs out of this, my opinions are formed strictly on the notions of practicality. Have you ever gone to the bar and tried to go to the bathroom while wearing a romper? Impossible! I’ll stick to clothes that allow quick and easy dressage and removal, thank you.

There are many people who agree that male rompers may be a strange fashion trend, including City of Toronto Councilor Norm Kelly.


And introducing, the ugly

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s only logical that male rompers would get a festive makeover. If you’re feeling a little elf-ish, you can always bust out your handy-dandy elf romper to get the party going.

Or maybe you celebrate Hanukkah instead? Don’t worry; the company Getonfleek has you covered with “It’s Lit” menorah rompers.

While I can’t picture anyone seriously wearing these rompers, I do imagine they’ll be a popular joke gift for many unsuspecting men this Christmas. Is there a special man in your life that you’ll be picking up one of these bad boys for?

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