How to achieve eyebrow perfection

How to achieve eyebrow perfection

Eyebrows are a tricky business. There’s an ideal shape that suits each person’s face as well as a color. It can be hard to achieve the perfect eyebrow for yourself, but here are steps you can take to ensure that you do.

Don’t compare your brows to anyone else’s

Fashion magazines, blogs, and YouTube channels spend a lot of time talking about how you can achieve perfect eyebrows. Here’s the thing though – you may already have them. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and check out your eyebrows. Do you like them? Do they frame your eyes nicely? Are they a good color? Do you like how thick they are and the shape of them? If you answer yes to any of these questions, leave your eyebrows alone. Sometimes we mess with a good thing just because everyone else is doing it. That’s a not a good reason to change how you look.

Decide on the shape you want

If you answered no to any of the questions above that’s okay. It just means that you’re not happy with your eyebrows and you want to change them to better suit your face. The first thing that you need to do is take a look online at people’s eyebrows and pick a couple of images of people with the eyebrow shape that you want.

Figure out how thick or thin you want them

Once you’ve discovered the shape that you want to have it’s time to start thinking about how thick or thin you want your brows to be. Some people have a lot of eyebrow hair, some people have a unibrow, and some people don’t have much hair at all. Look at different pictures of eyebrow thickness and see what kind works best with your face. You want to feel good and comfortable about how you look.

Find a good esthetician

The most important part of achieving eyebrow perfection is finding a good esthetician that you trust. The most common way of shaping eyebrows is through waxing, but threading is also done. Learn which one you prefer and then ask friends for recommendations. Once you’ve made an appointment you’ll want to have a chat with your esthetician about what you’re looking for and if it’s possible. She might also have some suggestions for you.

Perfect eyebrows are only perfect if they’re perfect for you. Learn what you like, what you want, and do your research. The whole point of eyebrow perfection is for you to be happy with how you look.

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