5 wedding fashion faux-pas

5 wedding fashion faux-pas

Weddings are a time of great joy, but they’re also filled with a great amount of stress. There’s enormous stress on the bride and groom, but also on the guests. There are gifts to buy, and most importantly, the decision on what to wear. Avoid making these wedding fashion faux-pas and you’ll alleviate some of your stress.

1. Don’t dress too revealing

It’s important to remember that you’re at a wedding, not at a club or a bar. Weddings are classy events that often involve a church ceremony. Don’t wear a dress that’s too short (it shouldn’t be too much shorter than knee length), or too tight, and don’t wear anything that is too low cut. Nobody wants to see the girls make an appearance.

2. No solid white or black

It’s not okay to wear a dress that’s either solid white or black. First, you’re not the bride. The only person allowed to wear solid white at a wedding is the bride. Secondly, you’re not at a funeral. You wear solid black when you’re in mourning, not when you’re celebrating two people who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

3. Know how formal it will be

Some weddings are incredibly formal, where a tux or a dinner jacket is necessary, and other weddings are less formal. Usually on the wedding invitation the couple will tell you if it’s going to be formal enough for tuxes. If there’s any doubt, ask. There’s nothing worse than showing up too casual or too formal.

4. The danger of the hat

Weddings happen most often in the spring or summer, which is the perfect time to add a hat to your outfit. Hats are acceptable and can bring an outfit together. A hat that is huge, however, isn’t. If you can block out the view of those around you at the ceremony, your hat is too big. People are there to watch the bride and groom get married, not see your hat.

5. Lose the shades

It gets sunny in the spring and summer, and many wedding guests wear sunglasses into and out of the church. What you should never do though is wear them in the church. It’s in bad taste, and you look ridiculous.

Weddings are fun, joyous, and stressful. Lose some of the stress by knowing these five wedding fashion faux-pas to avoid.

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