5 seriously iconic wedding dresses

5 seriously iconic wedding dresses

Your wedding, the one day in your life that’s all about you (and your husband, I guess, but mostly you). Every bride wants to look 10/10 on her wedding day in a gown that will leave her guests awe-struck like these five brides achieved.

1. Princess Diana

When you’re marrying royalty, your wedding dress is expected to be undeniably extraordinary. Princess Diana took this to heart with a 25-foot-long train and puffed sleeves that could almost have their own area code. The 1980s were a simpler (and more poofy) time!

2. Jackie Kennedy

Ten days before her wedding, Jackie Kennedy’s original wedding dress was completely destroyed in a flood. Designer Ann Lowe had to recreate the dress and nine bridesmaid dresses in a time crunch.

Although considered one of the most iconic dresses of all time, Jackie actually hated the dress. She wanted something much simpler and drew comparisons between the dress and a lampshade. Can someone say bridezilla?

3. Elizabeth Taylor

When Taylor was 18, she married her first husband, Conrad Hilton (great-uncle to Paris) in 1950. The first of eight husbands (yikes!), the couple said “I do” in front of 700, yes, 700 guests.

Can we also take a moment to acknowledge that impossibly small waist that looks photoshopped, except for the fact that Photoshop didn’t exist in the 1950s? How?!

After her first wedding, Taylor took to less traditional dresses and walked down the aisle donning bright shades of green, blue and even yellow! I guess when you get married eight times, you need to find new ways to shake things up a bit.

4. Kim Kardashian

In more recent times, Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West caught the public’s eye because of its all-around ridiculousness. The wedding cost $2.8 million and featured unnecessary luxuries like a rehearsal dinner at the Palace of Versailles in Paris and an ornate flower wall.

The dress itself is a custom Givenchy Haute Couture dress with lace waist panels and a full-length dramatic train.

5. Yoko Ono

Realistically, this dress is everything I would expect from Yoko Ono. As a woman who gives a middle finger to rules and traditions, Ono sported the most 60s outfit I have ever seen. In a sun hat, oversized round sunglasses, and a mini-wedding dress, Ono looks fabulous while breaking every wedding dress stereotype imaginable.

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