5 colors to wear this winter

5 colors to wear this winter

Cold weather is quickly approaching leaving us with little time to prepare our winter wardrobes. Although I may not be able to talk you into peeling yourself off that couch to venture out into the cold, let me take this time to help motivate and inspire you to get out into the world and let everyone see how fabulous you are. Here are the five colors you need to be seen sporting this winter.

1. Pink

When I think of winter, I think of rosy-pink cheeks kissed by the cold, and that shade of pink is exactly what I want to see you wearing this season. Soft blush pink tones are the way to go. It’s marvelously feminine and anyone can pull it off – as long as you pick the right shade for your skin tone. Pair it with creams and greys or even better, look ultra-fly by keeping your look monochromatic.

2. Merlot

That’s right, friends, merlot doesn’t only look good in that long-stemmed glass of yours. This color is great because you stay stylish and on trend without seeming overly festive during the holiday season. Bonus: red wine stains won’t be a problem anymore. Pair it with cream, black, or if you’re feeling bold, mustard yellow.

3. Navy

Navy is replacing black as my go-to in my wardrobe and it should be in yours as well. This neutral is a must-have for every season. The blue tinge complements my skin tone and makes it glow. It’s a pretty neat trick. Pair it with a softer blue or any other neutral.

4. Violet

Brighten your drab wardrobe with this vibrant jewel-tone color. This shade of purple can liven up any outfit. In fact, don’t stop with adding it in your closet…add it to your makeup bag! Everyone needs a dark purple lipstick in their repertoire. It will give you that sexy air of mystery you’ve always wanted. Pair it with blush, black or mustard yellow.

5. Mustard Yellow

Okay, I know, I know! This color is usually reserved for the fall. However, I’m proposing we keep it in our winter wardrobe rotation. It can work as a great pop of color, or for a trendy monochromatic look. Pair it with navy, olive green or merlot.

Winter wonderland

Winter is fast approaching and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. The best course of action is to keep our heads high, stay warm and look good doing it.

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