5 accessories every man should wear with a suit

5 accessories every man should wear with a suit

Gentlemen, listen up! Do you want to look good in a suit? Heck, who doesn’t? Check out these five accessories you need to invest in to up your suit game.

1. A tie

Okay, okay. So, this one is pretty obvious; however, if you want to up your tie game, make sure that your tie is made out of silk. That’s right, no wool, polyester or rayon. 100% silk, baby.

The type of tie you choose can change the entire look of the suit. Don’t be afraid to let some of your personality show through your tie selection…as long as your personality doesn’t involve piano keys. No one can pull off a piano key tie.

2. Pocket square

Along with the tie, you’re going to want to treat yourself and splurge for some silk pocket squares. You’ll want to coordinate the colors with your tie but for the love of god, please avoid being too matchy-matchy by selecting the exact same color or pattern for each. For the on-trend risk takers, change it up by mixing your colors and patterns. Or if you like to play it safe, select a patterned pocket square with a tie in a complementing solid color – or vice versa.

3. Cufflinks

Although these can only be worn with French cuffs, cufflinks are another way to let your personality show and stand out of the crowd. There are so many options and price ranges for these puppies that there’s no excuse to keep those godawful knots that come free with the shirt. They aren’t meant to be worn, by the way.

Stay classy for that board meeting with a dapper set in a simple design or let your silliness show for that first date by sporting a set of novelty cufflinks.

4. A tie clip

A tie clip is as functional as it is stylish. It’ll keep your tie neat and wrinkle-free while tying all your accessories together. You can go bold with some intricate styles and jewels or keep it simple with a super basic design.

5. Collar stiffeners

These handy little apparatuses are used to keep the ends of your shirt’s collar flat against your collarbone so that they don’t bend throughout the day. If you want to avoid looking like a frat boy, this accessory is a must. The popped collar look isn’t cool anymore anyway.

Stay dapper

A well-fitted suit is a sure way to look good, but by having a well-fitted suit AND these five accessories you will make damn sure you look good and stand out.

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