Pros and cons of wearing Spanx

Women have been wearing shapewear for centuries, from girdles and corsets to Spanx. Suffice it to say, the undergarments have improved quite drastically throughout the years where women can now breathe more easily while wearing them. The assumption was once that Spanx was solely for curvier women; however, everyone wears...
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5 wedding fashion faux-pas

Weddings are a time of great joy, but they’re also filled with a great amount of stress. There’s enormous stress on the bride and groom, but also on the guests. There are gifts to buy, and most importantly, the decision on what to wear. Avoid making these wedding fashion faux-pas...
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Pimple nail art? Really?

2017 has arguably been one of the strangest years in recent history. From Donald Trump as president to male rompers, we’re getting all the WTF vibes from 2017. To add to the mayhem, I give you pimple nail art. And yes, you read that right. Pimples, pimples, pimples One of...
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