The worst sports movies ever, ranked

The worst sports movies ever, ranked

There have been some excellent sports movies. The best sports flicks can inspire, uplift, and mesmerize every single person who watches them – whether you’re a sports fan or not! This is not a list of those movies. Instead, this list is a ranking of the best of the worst, the ones that were so bad we questioned the whole concept of sports movies. It includes horrible sequels, aging movie stars, and ones that make you say, “How did this even get made?”

5. The Sandlot 2

The Sandlot is a great movie, a real sports classic. Its sequel, on the other hand, is completely unmemorable. There is no attempt to further the plot from the original; the second film is a poorer version of the same story with a different cast.  With a lazy storyline, lookalike cast, and weird NASA plotline, even James Earl Jones couldn’t save this one.

4. Trouble With the Curve (2012)

Oh dear, this one is a mess. This almost two-hour debacle is sure to rub every true baseball fan the wrong way. The gut feeling vs. technology theme in sports is brought to the big screen in the form of Clint Eastwood losing his job as a scout because he can’t keep up with millennials. None of the characters are likable – Justin Timberlake included – and the faux-seriousness of the movie makes it all seem laughable.

3. Gymkata (1985)

Do you know what the sports movie world really didn’t need? The combination of gymnastics and karate – mixed with a top-secret spy mission – that is on display in Gymkata. In Gymkata, an Olympic gymnast is sent to an unspecified Eastern European country on a mission to save something or someone. At that point of the movie, everyone watching has already checked out.

2. The Ringer (2005)

Yes, this cult classic is hilarious in a “Jackass” low-grade kind of way. But any real sports fan will tell you this is no true sports movie. In The Ringer, Johnny Knoxville pretends to be mentally handicapped so he can enter the Special Olympics. Due to the success of Jackass and Knoxville at the time, this movie was inexplicably made and remains one of the worst sports movies in history. I mean, is there anything lower than making fun of the handicapped?

1. Rocky V (1990)

Pretty much every movie and sports fan can agree that this movie was a horrible and misguided mistake. It was easily the worst movie in the Rocky franchise and having Rocky train a real boxer was a low blow. In Rocky V, Rocky is bankrupt and almost brain-dead and ends up training the up-and-comer Tommy Gunn. By the end of the movie, the two battle – not in the ring, but in the street – because all brain-damaged boxing legends should be forced back into fighting, right?

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