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The top movies of 2017 thus far

This year has been a great one for movies. There have been so many different types of movies that have left us excited to see them again. They can’t get released fast enough. While the year isn’t over yet (I mean, who isn’t excited for the new Star Wars movie?) here is a list of the top movies released so far that you must watch.


Starting the list off is Split, a horror thriller movie. It stars James McAvoy as a character with a multiple personality disorder, and one of his personalities is a killer. He kidnaps three girls and locks them in a cell. While in the cell, and when trying to escape, they start learning more about their captor. It’s an incredibly creepy movie, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.


Logan is the final movie with Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine. The movie takes place in the Marvel universe and in a time that is far from where viewers last left Logan. Logan is taking care of Professor X who has developed some mental health problems due to old age. Things come to a head, however, when a child stumbles into their path – a child that might be Logan’s.

The Big Sick

One of this year’s most anticipated romantic comedies was The Big Sick. The movie is about a Muslim stand-up comedian who falls for a white, non-Muslim woman. Their relationship ends when he admits that he doesn’t see a future with her. Then she ends up in a medically induced coma, and nothing is the same for either of them ever again.


Written and directed by Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk took everyone by surprise when it was released. It’s not your average war movie. It compresses the timeline of the rescue and interweaves stories from different characters. The movie brings to the spotlight the heroism of everyday people who risked their lives trying to save the soldiers that were stranded on the beach.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was obviously going to make it onto this list. It rocked the box office this year and gave everyone the female superhero they were waiting for. The second Wonder Woman movie is already in the works.

If you haven’t seen the movies on this list make sure that you get to them this winter. You won’t be disappointed. They’re ones that you’re going to end up watching again, and again.

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