Top 7 90s movies that will make you nostalgic

Top 7 90s movies that will make you nostalgic

The good, the bad, the 90s. No movies will make you yearn for a simpler time than these seven gems, all waiting for you to re-watch them.

Air Bud

I’ll tell you now, Air Bud is riddled with bad acting, bad writing, and plot holes until the sun goes down. But how do I know you’ll still watch it? So your heart can melt watching this adorable golden retriever play (and dominate at) basketball.

Home Alone

Sure, any realistic version of Home Alone would see Macaulay Culkin dragged away by child services at the end of every film, but regardless of any plot holes, it’s a classic. The main character Kevin is basically Michael from Prison Break at age 10.

Space Jam

It’s not often that Hollywood’s attempts to mix animation and live action work out successfully, but Space Jam would easily be at the top of the list. Sure, Michael Jordan wasn’t much of an actor, but when your co-stars are Bill Murray, Bugs Bunny and Newman from Seinfeld, the movie does the work for you.

A Goofy Movie

Finally, Goofy was able to step out of that attention-craving mouse’s shadow. Maybe a little too heavy on the musical numbers, A Goofy Movie is still packed with laughs and feels.

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