Top 20 most embarrassing moments caught on TV

Top 20 most embarrassing moments caught on TV

6. Ladder tumble

The shopping channel always does live demonstrations. On this particular episode, they were selling ladders. Sales might have stopped after the guy doing the demo fell off the ladder and crashed to the ground.

7. The Price is Right

Treadmills are clearly something that people fall off of regularly. George Gray from The Price is Right fell off a treadmill while running backward and everyone on the staff starts to laugh. He’s a complete pro though, so make sure you watch the clip until the end.

8. Shirt slip

One game show contestant had a wardrobe malfunction. She was showing off her talent of essentially putting her leg over her head when one of the straps on her shirt broke and she ended up flashing the audience and everyone at home.

9. Wardrobe malfunction

This Argentinian reporter was in the middle of a live broadcast when she accidentally lifted up her own dress and flashed the world her underwear. How did this happen? It looks like she went to touch her hair and the edge of her dress got caught in her hand.

10. Glass desk

This Italian reporter was reporting late at night and might have been a little tired because she forgot that she was sitting at a glass desk. As the camera pans out she inadvertently flashes the world her underwear because her legs are open.

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