Top 20 most embarrassing moments caught on TV

Top 20 most embarrassing moments caught on TV

Embarrassing moments happen to everyone, but it’s only for some lucky ones that sometimes those moments are caught on TV. Check out the most embarrassing moments caught on TV.

1. Steve Harvey and Miss Universe

No one will ever be able to forget when Steve Harvey was hosting the Miss Universe pageant and he called out the wrong name when he was announcing the winner. What made this whole thing even more embarrassing for Harvey and for Miss Columbia is that he didn’t notice until after she was crowned and given her sash and flowers.

2. The Oscar best picture mix up

The Oscars are one of the most watched TV spectacles every year. Millions of people tune in to watch it and it’s important that everything goes off without a hitch. That didn’t happen last year when the wrong winner was declared for Best Picture and the whole cast of the wrong movie got up on stage and starting making their speeches.

3. Spidey fail

Spiderman dropped in to talk to ABC News reporter Sara Haines. His entry was flawless, but then his spidey senses failed him. Either Spiderman forgot or the plan wasn’t coordinated well because when Haines pretended to faint, Spiderman didn’t realize and thus didn’t catch her.

4. Take your kid to work day

On what was clearly a take your kid to work day one little girl ended up accidentally on the air. Her mom was reporting the news live and her daughter didn’t realize it. When her mom’s phone started to ring she went to give it to her and then realized what her mom was doing.

5. Treadmill wipeout

Treadmills can be dangerous as you can see from this clip. This one guy is getting interviewed on live TV and there’s a guy in the background who’s about to get on the treadmill, or at least he tries to. Next thing you know he’s smoked his head on the treadmill and is lying on the ground. The other guy just continues his interview.

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