Say what? Ryan Reynolds replies to dirty fans on Twitter and it’s hilarious

Say what? Ryan Reynolds replies to dirty fans on Twitter and it’s hilarious

Shagging the wife

One man asks Ryan if he would shag his wife. We can kind of understand individuals asking Ryan for sexual favors we suppose, but for a husband to ask this for his wife, or ask this without his wife knowing (we don’t know the story) is rather creepy. Luckily, Ryan, like always, has an answer for this man. Ryan tells the man that he can’t because he’s “in Washington…trying to broker real change.” Kind of puts it all in perspective of where some people’s heads are at and where Ryan’s head is at. Not only does Deadpool kick butt against villains on screen, he’s also out there kicking butt in Washington. What more could people ask for?

Butt play

This request that Ryan got was a little bit dirtier than some of the others that he’s received, but his response also matches it. This Twitter user (on top of using bad grammar) asks Ryan for some kind of butt play and Ryan responds by informing the user that his Nana is about to pass away and that “it won’t be long now.” What makes this tweet over the top though is the hashtag #WithTheAngelsSoon that he uses. You can’t help but laugh at his superb handling of this Twitter situation.

More butt play

This Twitter user asks Ryan to do something rather unconventional with a chopstick and the user’s sphincter. It’s incredibly specific, which is a little different than some of the other requests that he’s received, and his response is a little different than what he usually goes with. This time he isn’t doing anything godly; he’s out rescuing a dolphin that got tangled in a fishing line. Ryan was able to respond to this Twitter user in a friendly way, but also highlighted a huge issue that is plaguing dolphins. Fishing line and fishing nets are a great source of trouble for dolphins and other marine life.

It’s his wife

Someone finally asked Ryan what we’ve all been thinking: what on earth does Blake think about all of these weird and explicit requests that he receives? Ryan responds in true Ryan fashion by saying that he thinks it’s Blake who’s writing most of these. What were you expecting from the Deadpool actor, a serious response?

Ryan Reynolds is a funny guy who seems to be having fun with what fame is throwing at him – in this case, dirty requests from fans that he has no desire to do anything with. But he has turned them into a source of entertainment for the rest of us and we really appreciate that. Anything that gives us a laugh is golden in our books.

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