Say what? Ryan Reynolds replies to dirty fans on Twitter and it’s hilarious

Say what? Ryan Reynolds replies to dirty fans on Twitter and it’s hilarious

Ryan Reynolds is one of our favorite celebrities – truthfully, he’s one of most people’s favorite celebrities. He’s incredibly good-looking, stars in some great movies, has a talented and beautiful wife Blake Lively, and is the father of two wonderful daughters. We could love him for that alone, but we really love him for how he interacts with his fans and the media. He’s hilarious on social media and when people tweet him dirty requests he always has a perfect and funny response to them.

Ryan Reynolds: social media master

Ryan Reynolds routinely makes headlines not only for his roles in great movies and his charity work but also because of his funny social media posts. One social media feud that the world delights in is the one that he has going on with his wife Blake Lively. This past year on her birthday he wished his wonderful wife a happy birthday like any doting husband would. However, the picture that accompanied the posting is what made headlines. He posted a picture of himself and Blake with Blake mostly cropped out of the frame. Fans of the couple found it hilarious and wondered how Blake would retaliate. On his birthday, Blake ended up wishing her husband a very happy birthday and then posted a picture of Ryan Gosling with her husband mostly cropped out of the photo. Fans got a huge kick out of that. When Ryan isn’t teasing his wife he’s responding to other comments and requests that he gets online.

Thanksgiving request

Ryan, like many celebrities, gets many dirty messages via social media. Unlike many other celebrities, he actually responds to them publicly and it’s a source of entertainment for many people around the world. Take, for instance, this request asking Ryan to hold his balls, even if he was asking for a friend. Did Ryan actually get Siri to read this out loud? Of course not and we know this. But, it’s still nevertheless quite hilarious.

Murdering a vagina

It’s not every day that someone gets a request via Twitter to murder someone else’s vagina. It’s an odd thing to ask for. But, who knows, maybe Ryan gets this request all of the time. His response to this request though is what we’re really interested in. He responds to this dirty request by informing the person that he can’t at the moment because he’s holding his infant niece at her baptism. The juxtaposition between the dirty request and what Ryan is doing (or at least saying he’s doing) is where the hilarity comes in. He’s just going about his regular life and fielding off requests like these.

Boob kicking

This Twitter user tweets to Ryan asking him to kick her in the boobs and then drag her across the pavement. Why? We don’t understand why people tweet these kinds of things at other people. We think that Ryan asks himself this too. Anyway, Ryan takes this request and replies that while he’s not opposed to the idea, he’s “currently lost in prayer” and so he will be unable to do so for at least a little while. Once again the juxtaposition between the two messages is what brings out the hilarity of the situation that Ryan finds himself in.

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