Meet Ellie, an amazing one-year-old rock climber

Meet Ellie, an amazing one-year-old rock climber

Most kids progress from crawling to walking, but one-year-old Ellie Farmer learned to climb even before she could walk.

Ellie’s parents Rachael and Zack are both rock climbers, and it seems their talent rubbed off on their daughter. So they brought her to show off her incredible talent on Ellen.

At eight months old, Ellie began rock climbing – two months before she learned to walk.

“Ellie’s been in the rock climbing gym since she was born. Her first outing was when she was two weeks old,” Rachael says. “We got her actually grabbing holds and feeling out the wall at about six months old. She was climbing on her own at eight months old.”

Ellen is amazed watching the video of the little girl rock climbing, because she realizes when she’s stuck and knows enough to backtrack.

“To see her actually go through the thought process of figuring out where to put your hand and where to put your foot. And taking her time and not getting frustrating and coming off the wall is really impressive to me,” mom says.

It’s no wonder Ellen is equally impressed. Watch the incredible video of Ellie climbing. First Ellen is shocked as the little girl starts to climb, and then she has her own surprise for Ellie that will melt your heart.

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