Kit Harington played an amazing prank on his fiancée – watch her priceless reaction

Kit Harington played an amazing prank on his fiancée – watch her priceless reaction

The world fell in love with Kit Harington and Rose Leslie when we all realized they were a couple. The two met on the set of Games of Thrones where Harington plays Jon Snow, and Rose played Ygritte, a woman of the Free Folk. Harington has said that he loved when they filmed the show in Iceland because that’s where he and Leslie fell in love.

Their relationship

Harington and Leslie first met in 2011 on the set of Game of Thrones. They started dating in August of 2012. The couple is notoriously private, and we only know they are a couple because they were spotted on a date in a restaurant, holding hands. They fell in love when they were filming seasons two and three of Game of Thrones in Iceland. In 2013 it was rumored that they broke up, and in 2014 that they were back together. Since the couple never confirmed if they were dating or not, this is all up to speculation. In April of last year, the couple finally appeared on the red carpet together and confirmed that they’re together. They moved in together and now they’re engaged.

The prank

Harington and his family love April Fools’ Day. They celebrate it every year by pranking each other. Leslie and her family don’t, and to be fair there are a lot of people who don’t. Harington was on The Jonathan Ross show and they showed the video (below) of the April Fools’ Day prank that Harington played on Leslie. The video shows Leslie opening the fridge and screaming before she falls to the floor in terror. It’s a fantastic reaction to an amazing prank. However, Leslie actually ended up in tears and told Harington that if he ever did anything like that again they would be over. Some people do not enjoy being scared.

The engagement

Harington and Leslie made their engagement announcement the old fashioned way, by taking out an advertisement in The Times. Later Leslie was spotted wearing her engagement ring. The ring is an oval-shaped diamond set on a yellow-gold band. There is currently no date for their wedding, but Harington did tell Game of Thrones producers that the whole cast of the show has to be there, so they’re going to have to shut down filming for it.

Harington and Leslie seem like an amazing couple. The prank that Harington played on Leslie was priceless, and apparently, it’ll be the only one. You can bet that every April Fools’ Day that video is going to make the rounds on the internet.

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