Harvey Weinstein made up Jay-Z lyrics in bizarre sexual harassment response

Harvey Weinstein made up Jay-Z lyrics in bizarre sexual harassment response

On Thursday, October 5, the New York Times published a story about Harvey Weinstein. The report documents three decades worth of sexual misconduct and harassment that Weinstein committed against female actresses, employees, and against at least one female reporter. Weinstein is a heavyweight in Hollywood, and he and his company have been responsible for numerous Oscar-winning films including Shakespeare in Love, The King’s Speech and The Iron Lady.

What exactly did Weinstein do?

The New York Times reported that for decades Harvey Weinstein has acted in a predatory manner towards women. One of the ways he did this was by asking actresses and female staff up to his hotel room for meetings. In those meetings, he would get naked or partially naked. He would also ask for massages, or if the women could watch him shower. There are also reports that he masturbated in front of a female reporter at a restaurant. Many female staff reported feeling incredibly uncomfortable around him and actually started working out systems so that they wouldn’t have to be in a hotel room with him alone. He has paid off numerous women who have brought complaints against him and bought their silence. His company has known about some of these allegations for years but had done nothing until the New York Times story broke.

His response to the allegations

Weinstein responded to the allegations by offering an incredibly bizarre response. In some instances of the statement he seemed to apologize, and yet in others, he seemed to admit no wrongdoing and that he was going to sue the New York Times for defamation. He then also used some made up Jay-Z lyrics to try to apologize for his behavior. He said, “Jay-Z wrote in 4:44 ‘I’m not the man I thought I was and I better be that man for my children.’ The same is true for me.” Jay-Z never wrote that. You can read Weinstein’s full statement here.

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