Fans keep throwing pizzas on the Breaking Bad house

Fans keep throwing pizzas on the Breaking Bad house

Some people get really into their television shows. Like, really into their TV shows.

When it comes to fandoms that are full of insane fans, everyone knows Breaking Bad has a pretty intense following. It might even be worse than the Game of Thrones fandom.

Since the show went on air way back in 2008, people got pretty obsessed pretty quickly. And it’s not just fans – the show became critically acclaimed, taking home Golden Globes, Emmys, and a slew of other awards.

But when it comes to proving just how insane Breaking Bad fans are, people have been regularly throwing pizzas onto the Breaking Bad house roof.

No, not metaphorically – people are literally throwing perfectly good pizzas onto the roof of a home that is now owned and lived in by actual people.

Could this story possibly get more hilarious?

It does get more hilarious.

Take it back to the beginning days of Breaking Bad and you can likely recall the episode in which Walter White is so frustrated, he throws an entire pizza onto the roof of his house.

(It’s episode two of season three if you want to relive it.)

<Fans keep throwing pizzas on the Breaking Bad house-image one.gif>

Well, it would appear fans of the show are slow to forget because the real residents at the White family house are now erecting a six-foot-tall iron fence around the house!


Because hooligan fans have been throwing commemorative pizzas on the roof and the owners are getting pissed.

It’s still kind of funny…

Apparently, the family who currently lives in the “Breaking Bad house” feels they can no longer leave their home, as something always happens when they’re gone.

More often than not, they come home to a pizza on the roof.

Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, it’s easy to admit that the stunt is kind of funny. However, not everyone online thinks so.

Twitter is torn!

If you take it to Twitter, users seem to have differing views.

Some fans think the stunt is all in good fun, claiming no harm is being done.

Others believe the stunt is harassment and extremely immature.

Then you’ve got a massive group of people who are really only considerate about the well-being of the pizza and why no one is eating it.

No one can seem to agree.

It’s all coming to an end.

While I likely wouldn’t complain if someone threw free pizza at my house, some people disagree. Regardless, the homeowners have taken things into their own hands and soon a massive fence will stop pizza from being thrown. It’s truly the end of an era…

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