Emma Stone was in therapy by age 7

Emma Stone was in therapy by age 7

Emma Stone was recently on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert promoting her new movie Battle of the Sexes. The pair talked about the movie and about Hillary Clinton, who was the guest before Stone came on. Then the interview took an interesting turn, and Stone and Colbert talked about her being in therapy by the age of seven.

Why was Emma Stone in therapy?

Emma Stone revealed that she was in therapy starting from the age of seven because she had horrible anxiety and panic attacks. Going to therapy helped her cope with the mental health condition. She showed a drawing on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert that she had done when she was nine, where she was bigger than the anxiety and panic attacks that had been plaguing her.

What are anxiety and panic attacks?

An anxiety disorder (panic attacks fall under that umbrella) is a mental health disorder that’s quite common. People with anxiety disorders feel anxiety more intensely and acutely than others. These feelings usually stem from worry of future events and fear of a current situation. It can be debilitating and have physical symptoms. Some of the physical symptoms can include feeling like you’re having a heart attack, shakiness, and crying. Anxiety disorders are more common in women than men, and they usually strike between the ages of 15 and 35.

How to cope with an anxiety disorder

There are many different ways of coping with an anxiety disorder. The common ones are going to therapy, taking medications, and making lifestyle changes. Therapy is one of the biggest things that you can do to help yourself if you have an anxiety disorder. In therapy, you learn how to handle the wayward thoughts in your brain and learn how to help calm yourself down. Medications can also help you cope, and lifestyle changes help you to eliminate triggers that can set off the anxiety. Stone found acting to be very helpful to her because it allowed her to step outside of herself and her anxiety.

Anxiety disorders are common, and it’s great to see Stone talking about her challenges with it. Having her talk about her struggles helps normalize the disorder, and allows people to know that they’re not alone.

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