Disney is working on fireworks you can “feel”

Disney is working on fireworks you can “feel”

Disney has been known for bringing a little bit of magic to people’s lives.

It’s no surprise that Disney Research has taken on a new project designed to help people with low or limited vision, or those who are blind, experience fireworks.

“Feeling Fireworks” is the latest project being tackled by Disney and it’s attempting to make fireworks an experience for everyone. In other words, they’re creating fireworks you can feel.

The magic of science

Fireworks are an experience almost exclusively enjoyed by those with good vision – an isolating situation for those with visual impairments.

While the issue isn’t something most of us are thinking about, Disney Research is committed to making the experience of fireworks breath-taking for everyone, even those with sight limitations.

This project by Disney Research and ETH Zurich’s Dorothea Reusser, Espen Knoop, Roland Siegwart, and Paul Beardsley involves a large-scale tangible firework show created by water jets and a flexible screen.

If you don’t know what that means here’s how it works.

Users place their hands against a latex screen and a rear-mounted Kinect detects their presence. Different water jets then use various nozzles and spray the opposite side of the latex screen. Users are able to feel a tactile representation of the fireworks that are physically happening in the sky.

Talk about magic.

The firework effect

Different nozzles are able to produce various firework effects that the user can feel and experience: three jet nozzles create rockets and explosions, shower nozzles create crackle effects, while one nozzle creates a blooming flower effect.

The nozzles are mounted and render a number of different movements across the screen, and the water moves through the entire system by a controllable pump.

Matched with the sounds of fireworks, those who are visually impaired will be able to feel exactly what’s happening in the sky, making for an experience they’ll never forget.

It’s classic Disney

Disney has always been on top of cutting-edge technology, but this project is one that makes us feel warm and tingly inside. While the project is still in the early testing stages, it’s still exciting to see what the future holds for fireworks and how we’re going to be able to experience them.

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