Blockbuster is still the only movie source for a lot of Alaskans

Blockbuster is still the only movie source for a lot of Alaskans

Hearing ‘Blockbuster’ being uttered in any conversation definitely conjures up some fun memories. We must all have had them, those Blockbuster nights: going to the nearby store with your family or friends, browsing row upon row of tapes and DVDs, deciding which movies to choose because the parental units only allowed three, picking up some candy and popcorn, and preparing for a cozy night in. It was great!

That’s probably why most people were sorry to see the stores close. As platforms such as Netflix and Hulu increased in popularity, movie-rental stores were not being used as often. This is when we saw the stores start shutting down.

But hold up! They’re apparently not all closed. There are a few stores still open in the U.S., with most of them residing in Alaska.

Blockbuster lives on!!

First, there was…

Blockbuster at one point operated 9,000 stores worldwide. It has now dwindled down to a mere 12 stores. More than half of the remaining stores are in Alaska.

In 2000, Blockbuster was approached to buy Netflix. Thinking it was a small business and that they could compete against the now massive streaming platform, the Blockbuster CEO declined. It wasn’t the best decision made, for they certainly couldn’t compete and ultimately went bankrupt.

Netflix, who?

A reason Blockbuster stores continue to survive in Alaska is due to the internet being quite expensive in the state. In addition to being expensive, the service is often very slow. As a result, the best bet is to head to Blockbuster for newly-released movies and games.

If you’re in Alaska and your Wi-Fi is down, no worries, hit up a Blockbuster!

Visit to Palin’s Alaska

Road trip, anyone?

The surviving Blockbuster stores are starting to become quite the tourist attraction. Since they closed, people haven’t laid eyes on a Blockbuster in years. The excitement, then, of driving through the state and spotting the huge blue movie stub logo is too real.


Heavyweight streaming channels such as Netflix have made it super easy for people to access a large selection of films and TV shows, both old and new, and play them on a laptop or TV.

The convenience of finding a movie without actually needing to leave the comfort of your home is pretty alluring. However, the thrill of visiting Blockbuster cannot be beat.

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