Befores and afters of beloved TV stars who really got old

Befores and afters of beloved TV stars who really got old

Getting old is the pits. What makes it worse is that it happens to everyone. Some people age gracefully, like Keanu Reeves or Jennifer Aniston, who look the exact same if you were to compare a picture of them from the ‘90s to now. On the other hand, there are some actors who aren’t quite as lucky.

Jim Carrey

Oh, young Jim Carrey; that smile; those dimples. Sigh, what happened?!

From weird media outbursts to two wrongful death lawsuits, this old Jim Carrey has been at the center of some seriously whack scandals over the past couple years. Add the atrocious beard to that mix and it’s a recipe for an aging disaster.

Meg Ryan

Would Harry even recognize Sally now?

Sorry, Meg, no amount of Botox is going to be able to return you to your former glory, so, you can stop overdoing it now.

Mickey Rourke


Someone, please explain to me how this even happened?! This, kids, is why you don’t do drugs.

Meryl Streep


I’m sorry, Meryl. I love ya, but it’s more than apparent that your face has seen a few years. But hey, even though she’s definitely aged, she still doesn’t look 68, so I chalk that up as a win in my books!

Matthew Perry

Well, it’s official. The Friends glory days are over.

I guess that’s what a full-fledged drug addiction can do to a person…

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