9 best carpool karaoke moments

9 best carpool karaoke moments

One of the best ideas that James Corden has ever had is Carpool Karaoke. These are the nine best carpool karaoke moments.

1. Elton John

Every episode of Carpool Karaoke starts off with James on the phone talking to someone saying that he’s going to pick them up. Next thing you know an amazing star gets into the car such as Elton John. James and Elton John talked about his career and sang a few of his many hits.

2. One Direction

After Zane left One Direction, the other four guys did Carpool Karaoke and rocked it. One of the best parts was when James made them all dress in denim and pretend to shoot a music video.

3. Adele

Adele is one of our favorite celebrities because she’s so completely down to earth. The first song that she and James sing together is “Hello,” and Adele’s face when James hits a perfect harmony is priceless.

4. Bruno Mars

James always makes each Carpool Karaoke episode individualized for each star. When Bruno Mars was in the car James had different hats for him to try on, and commented on how Bruno always looks good in hats.

5. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was another A-list celebrity who got into the car with James. The bit the two of them had was when Jennifer started teaching James how to touch his face like she does in all of her music videos.

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