7 aging TV stars who will make you feel old AF

7 aging TV stars who will make you feel old AF

Nothing makes you feel as old as looking at actors from television shows that you used to watch when you were younger and realizing that they’re incredibly old now. Their aging just reminds you that you’re not getting any younger. Check out these seven aging TV stars who will make you feel as old AF.

1. Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc became a TV star after playing Joey on the hit show Friends. He’s now 50 years old; can you believe that? Gone are the days when he was a 20-something living across the hall from Rachel and Monica.

2. Jerry Stiller

You’ll know Jerry Stiller from King of Queens where he played Carrie’s Dad, Arthur Spooner. He was in almost every episode of the show. He turned 90 years old earlier this year. We want to have as much energy as he does when we’re that old.

3. Fred Savage

Fred Savage played Kevin Arnold on the TV show The Wonder Years. The show was set in the late 60s. When filming starting Fred was in his early teens. The show ran for six seasons. Fred is now 41 years old.

4. Melissa Joan Hart

Who can forget Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Melissa Joan Hart was our favorite witch. It’s hard being a teenager with magical powers. Melissa is now 41 years old, married, and the mother of three children.

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